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Notice 공지 인도(India) Tour 파일 3765  
Notice 공지 중국(China) Tour 파일 6110  
33 중국 Huangdi Mausoleum 黄帝陵 파일
아시아 54  
중국 Huangdi Mausoleum 黄帝陵 Shaanxi, China Huangdi Mausoleum (黄帝陵), memorial mausoleum of legendary Huangdi, is the most important ancient grave site in China. After many years' development and ...
32 중국 Shanbei 陕北 파일
아시아 57  
중국 The Disappearing History Ⅶ-- Shanbei 陕北 Shaanxi, China Shanbei (shǎn běi 陕北) is Chinese holy land of revolution. The Party Central Committee, Chairman Mao (máo zhǔ xí 毛主席), a...
31 중국 Bell Tower 钟楼 파일
아시아 58  
중국 Bell Tower 钟楼 Shaanxi, China Standing at the crossing of the East, West, South, and North avenues in city proper, the Bell Tower has been a symbol of Xi' an. It was build in ...
30 중국 Shaanxi History Museum 陕西历史博物馆 파일
아시아 61  
중국 Shaanxi History Museum 陕西历史博物馆 Shaanxi, China Shaanxi History Museum, which located to the northwest of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in the ancient city Xi'an, in the Shaanxi ...
29 중국 mountain Huashan 파일
아시아 63  
중국 mountain Huashan Shaanxi, China Situated just 120 kilometers East of Xi’an City, in Shaanxi province, Huashan (华山) is one of China’s five sacred mountains and one of the country’s ...
28 중국 Famen Temple 法门寺 파일
아시아 64  
중국 Famen Temple (法门寺) Shaanxi, China Famen Temple (法门寺) is a Buddhism Temple located around 120 kilometer west of Xian city. The temple is famous for housing the Buddhist relics of Saky...
27 중국 Banpo Museum 半坡博物馆 파일
아시아 64  
중국 Banpo Museum 半坡博物馆 Shaanxi, China Banpo (Bànpō 半坡) is an archaeological site first discovered in 1953 and located in the Yellow River Valley just east of Xi'an, China. It cont...
26 중국 Tang Paradise 大唐芙蓉园 파일
아시아 66  
중국 Tang Paradise 大唐芙蓉园 Shaanxi, China Tang Paradise (Dàtáng Fúróng Yuán 大唐芙蓉园) is a large theme park near the city of Xi'an, in Shaanxi province, People's Republic of China. T...
25 중국 Xi'an City Wall 파일
아시아 66  
중국 Xi'an City Wall Shaanxi, China The first landmark visitors will encounter in Xi'an is the ancient city wall, which stretches round the old city. The northern side runs parallel t...
24 중국 Pingliang 平凉 파일
아시아 69  
중국 Pingliang 平凉--An Important Pass Linking the Inner Gansu Gansu, China Pingliang (píng liáng 平凉) is a prefecture-level city in eastern Gansu Province in China. It neighbors Ningxia ...
23 중국 Longnan 陇南 파일
아시아 69  
중국 Longnan 陇南-- Southern Gateway of Gansu Province Gansu, China Longnan (Lǒngnán 陇南) is a prefecture-level city in China's Gansu province. It is in southern Gansu province bordering ...
22 중국 Anyang 安阳市 파일
아시아 74  
중국 Anyang 安阳市 - Land of Oracle Henan, China Anyang City (ān yáng shì 安阳市), a prefecture-level city in the north of Henan Province (hé nán shěng 河南省) near the borders to ...
21 중국 The 8th Route Army Memorial 파일
아시아 77  
중국 The 8th Route Army Memorial (八路军西安办事处纪念馆) Shaanxi, China The 8th Route Army Memorial (Bā lù jūn Xi'an Bàn shì chù Jì niàn guǎn 八路军西安办事处纪念馆) is the former site of ...
20 중국 Huaqing Pool 华清池 파일
아시아 78  
중국 Huaqing Pool 华清池 Shaanxi, China Huaqing Hot Spring (华清池) is situated 30 kilometers east of Xian at the foot of the Lishan Hills (骊山). The Springs were a popular retreat with E...
19 중국 Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses 兵马俑 파일
아시아 78  
중국 Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses 兵马俑 Shaanxi, China The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses (bīngmǎyǒng 兵马俑) are the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. It ...
18 중국 Qingyang 庆阳 파일
아시아 79  
중국 Qingyang 庆阳 —The Granary of Longdong Gansu, China Qingyang (qìngyáng 庆阳) is a prefecture-level city in China's Gansu province (甘肃省). It is habitually called 'Long Dong' (lǒng dōng ...
17 중국 Ba Xian An Monastery 八仙庵 파일
아시아 87  
중국 Ba Xian An Monastery 八仙庵 Shaanxi, China Ba Xian An Monastery (bā xiān ān 八仙庵), the famous scenic spot of Taoism, is situated in the north of the Changle Fang Street, in t...
16 중국 Hukou Waterfall 壶口瀑布 파일
아시아 87  
중국 Hukou Waterfall (壶口瀑布) Shaanxi, China The Yellow River (huáng hé 黄河) is the mother river of the Chinese nation. In its basin, there is a tourist attraction that visitors should ...
15 중국 Hukou Falls 壶口瀑布 파일
아시아 92  
중국 Hukou Falls 壶口瀑布 of the Yellow River - Soul of the Nation Shanxi, China Hukou Falls (hú kǒu pù bù 壶口瀑布) is in the middle of Jixian (jí xiàn 吉县) of Shanxi (shān xī 山西) ...
14 중국 Xi'an Beilin Museum 西安碑林博物馆 파일
아시아 94  
중국 Xi'an Beilin Museum 西安碑林博物馆 Shaanxi, China Xi'an Beilin Museum (bēilín bówùguǎn 碑林博物馆), is a museum for steles and stone sculptures which is located in Xi'an, China. In 1944 i...