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▶ In the Three Kingdoms Period (sān guó 三国时代,220-280AD), the king of the state of Wei (wèi guó 魏国), Cao Rui (cáo ruì 曹睿), wanted to select a very capable man to work for him. He said to his ministers: "When choosing a talented person, always beware of one with a false reputation. A false reputation is just like a picture of a cake; it can' t relieve hunger."

Later, this idiom came to be used to mean comforting oneself with unrealistic thoughts, without solving practical problems.

三国时代魏国的皇帝曹睿,准备选拔一个有才能的人到朝廷来做官。曹睿对他的大臣说:“选择人才,不能光找有虚名的人。虚名好像是在地上画的一块饼,只能看,不能解决肚子饥饿的问题啊!” 后来人们就用“画饼充饥”这个成语比喻用空想安慰自己,不能解决实际问题。

【翻译】Allaying Hunger with Pictures of Cakes.
【近义词】望梅止渴, 无济于事

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