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▶ Making a Great Clamor
Once in the Warring States Period (zhan guo 战国,481 – 386BC), the State of Jin (jin guo 晋国) was at war with the State of Chu (chǔ guo 楚国). Duke Gong of Chu (chǔ gong wang 楚共王) stood on a high platform built on chariot and watched the movements of the Jin army. After watching for a while,he said,”It’s quite noisy over there and cloud of dust has been stirred up.”  His aide answered, “The enemy are filling up wells and destroying their cooking stoves. They are preparring to fight.”
This idiom is now used to mean a lot of commotion over hearsay.
春秋左氏傳/成公 成公十六年

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