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▶ The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains.
Long long ago, there lived an old man named Yugong. There were two huge mountains in front of his house and blocked his way to the outside world. One day Yugong said to his family, “Let’s move the two mountains away and clear away our road!” This idea was welcomed by his family members. “But where do we put the earth on the mountain?” asked his wife. “We can dump them in the sea.” said Yugong. So they set out to work the next day. One of the neighbors saw it and asked, “You are already an old man. How can you finish this huge project?” Yugong answered with a smile, “Although I am old, I have sons and grandsons. And they will have their sons and grandsons as time goes. If I am too old to finish it, it will be continued on by my offspring. So long as we keep at it, we’ll manage it someday.”  Yugong’s words were later heard by God. God thought, “Yugong is a man of strong wills. Let me help him!” So he sent his men to move away the two mountains.
很久以前,有一位名叫愚公的老人,他家门口有两座高山,家人每天进出都要绕很远的路!有一天愚公对家人说:“我们把挡在门口的两座大山移开吧,让门口的路可以直通到外面的大路上,好不好?”儿子和孙子都很赞同,可是愚公的妻子却说:“那大山的泥土搬到哪儿呢?”愚公回答:“可以搬到海里去呀!” 第二天愚公就开始了移山的工作。这时候,别人对愚公说:“你已经这么老了,还要去移山?就算让你搬到死也不可能把大山移走呀!” 愚公笑着回答:“我虽然很老,但我还有儿子,儿子还会生孙子,孙子又会生儿子,我们的子孙可以一直搬下去,总有一天会把这两座山搬走的。”后来,这件事传到了天神的耳朵里,天神想:“愚公真是有恒心的人!我来帮帮他吧!”天神就派神仙去把那两座山背到别的地方去,不再挡在愚公家门口了。

▶ The Taihang and Wangwu Mountains, which had a periphery of seven hundred li (1 li = 500 meters) and were a hundred thousand feet high, originally lay south of Jizhou and north of Heyang.
The Foolish Old Man of the North Mountain, nearly ninety years of age, lived behind these mountains. He was unhappy about the fact that the mountains blocked his way to the south and he had to walk round them whenever he went out or came back, so he called the whole family together to talk about the matter. What would you say," he said to them, "if I suggest that all of us work hard to level the two mountains, so as to open a way to places south of Yu Prefecture and the Han River?" Many voices said they agreed to the idea.
But his wife had her doubts. "With your strength," she said, "you could hardly remove a small hill like Kuifu. What could you do with the Taihang and Wangwu Mountains? Besides, where could you deposit the earth and rocks?"
"Carry them to the shores of the Bohai Sea and north of Yintu," said several people.
The old man, helped by his son and grandson who could carry things, began to break rocks and dig earth, which they carried in baskets and dustbins to the shores of the Bohai Sea. The seven-year-old son of a widow named Jingcheng, one of the old man's neighbors, came running up to offer his help. One trip to the sea took them a long time: they left in winter and came back in summer.
The Wise Old Man at the River Bend stopped the old man. He laughed and said, "How unwise you are! At your age, old and feeble as you are, you cannot even remove one hair on the mountain, let alone so much earth and so many rocks!"
The Foolish Old Man of the North Mountain heaved a long sign and said, "You are so conceited that you are blind to reason. Even a widow and a child know better than you. When I die, there will be my sons, who will have their sons and grandsons. Those grandsons will have their sons and grandsons, and so on to infinity. But the mountains will not grow. Why is it impossible to level them?" The Wise Old Man at the River Bend could not answer him.
The Old Man's words were heard by a god with snakes in his hands. He was afraid that the old man would really level the two mountains, and reported the whole thing to the Heavenly Emperor. Moved by the old man's determination, the Heavenly Emperor ordered the two immortals to carry the two mountains on their backs and put one east of Shuo and the other south of Yong. After this, there were no more mountains between Jizhou and the Han River.

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