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▶ play a sly trick by stealing the sky and putting up a sham sun.
This idiom originated from《Revealing Original State of Officialdom》(guān chǎng xian xing ji 官场现形记),a book written by a noted novelist Li Baojia (lǐ bǎo jiā 李宝嘉) in the late stage of the Qing dynasty (qīng chao 清朝,1636—1912AD),
in which he vividly depicted a whole realistic picture of the official circles,revealing the darkness of the society at that time–the fierce infightings among the officails,the wrong doings they conducted on behalf of their own interests and so on.
One role mentioned in this critical fiction was Yin Zichong (yǐn zǐ chong 尹子崇),a notorious merchant,who always dedicated himself in playing dirt tricks to pursue his own profits but without being looked through by others. Therefore, Li Baojia wrote in one chapter that: “Yin Zichong played a trick by stealing the sky and putting up a sham sun”,describing how sophisticated his trick was.
Since then, the idiom “ played a trick by stealing the sky and putting up a sham sun.” was used to refer to some considerably smart tactics that fool all the people.

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