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▶ Cannot make a decision
The ‘You’ is a kind of wild animal which is by nature extremely suspicious. Whenever it hears a sound, it immediately becomes afraid, suspecting that there is a hunter nearby who is trying to catch it, or another animal that wants to harm it. It runs up into a tree and hides, peeking out its head and scanning all around. After a while it climbs back down, looking here and looking there. Only when it is sure that there is nothing around does it finally begin to relax. But then pretty soon, it will again grow afraid, and running up into a tree, begin the same routine all over again. Time and time again, the ‘You’ repeats this, with the result that it spends half of its day running up and down trees, and wastes a lot of energy.
So, when someone is very hesitant, and cannot make a decision, others often say of this person that ‘the ‘You’ cannot decide.”


“犹”是一种野兽,牠天生的性情非常多疑。不论牠在甚么地方找食物,或是散步,一听到声音就害怕。牠怀疑有猎人要来抓牠,或是别的野兽要来害牠,就慌张地 爬到树上躲起来。再把头探出来,偷偷地看。过了一会儿,又从树上跳下来,在地上东张西望地看看那边。一直到甚么也没看见,才定下心来。但是过了一会儿,牠 又懹疑起来,就又爬到树上,在树上停一会儿,定定心,认为没有甚么危险了,才从树上跳下来。就这样一次又一次地跳上跳下,跳了大半天,总是白费力气。
【翻译】The ‘You’ Can not Decide.

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