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▶ There once was an impatient farmer who lived during the Song Dynasty (sòng cháo 宋国,960-1279 AD). Everyday the anxious farmer would measure the growth of the crops. To his dismay, his crops were growing much slower than he expected.The farmer racked his brains trying to find better ways of planting in order to get quicker results. One day he finally came up with a solution. He started to physically pull the crops out of the ground, thus making them taller. The farmer worked very hard and at day’s end was physically exhausted but mentally happy as his plan had produced the desired results.When the farmer went home, he told his son of his “brilliant” method. His son went to the field only to discover that all of his crops were all dead.


【翻译】 Try to help the shoots grow by pulling them upward.
【释义】 把苗拔起,以助其生长。后用来比喻违反事物的发展规律,急于求成,反而坏事。
【例句】 家长教育孩子需要耐心,要循序渐进,不能拔苗助长。 
【近义词】 欲速不达、急功近利
【反义词】 循序渐进、水到渠成


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