Black and white chalk with touches of pastel and red pencil, 1924; 81 x 100.3 cmJoan Miro

Gift of the Joseph and Helen Regenstein Foundation; Helen L. Kellogg Trust; The Blum-Kovler Foundation; Mrs. Henry C. Woods; Members of the Committee on Prints and Drawings; Friends of the Department; Major Acquisitions Centennial Endowment, 1978.312

The Spanish artist Joan Miró was one of the leading exponents of Surrealism. His drawing The Kerosene Lampis an early attempt to create a personal Surrealist language. With characteristic wit, the artist combined a Cubist still life and a lamp with cartoonlike symbols. Many interpretations, mostly autobiographical, have been offered for Miró's quirky images, but the elements of his work are intended to be suggestive rather than specific in meaning.

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