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Chapter 114-01 위나라의 황제를 바꾸다

    第百十四回 曹髦驅車死南闕  姜維棄糧勝魏兵

Driving To The South Gate, Cao Mao Plunges Into Death;
Abandoning Stores, Jiang Wei Defeats The Wei Army.






1 When the order to retreat was given, Liao Hua said, "A leader in the field is independent and need not obey even the command of his prince."

2 Zhang Yi said, "The country begins to resent these many years of war. Rather take the occasion of the victory you have just won to return and pacify the people."

3 "It is good," said Jiang Wei.

4 A systematic and orderly retirement began. The army of Wei, loth to forgo an opportunity, followed, but the absence of the least confusion gave them no chance.

5 As he saw his enemy disappearing in perfect order, Deng Ai sighed, "Jiang Wei is a worthy inheritor of the warlike methods of Zhuge Liang."

6 Deng Ai did not pursue but returned to his camp on Qishan.

7 On his return to Chengdu, Jiang Wei had audience with the Latter Ruler, whereat he inquired, saying, "Your Majesty has commanded me to return for an important reason?"

8 The Latter Ruler replied, "Because you have been so long on the frontier, Noble Sir. I thought the soldiers must be weary. There was no other reason."

9 "Your Majesty, thy servant had got his camps on Qishan and was on the eve of complete success. To leave off thus in the middle just played into the hands of our enemies. Surely Deng Ai found means of sowing distrust in me."

10 The Latter Ruler sat lost in thought, and silent.

11 Jiang Wei continued, "I am pledged to destroy those rebels and prove my devotion to my country. Your Majesty should not listen to the babble of mean persons till distrust grows in your heart."

12 "I do not distrust you," said the Latter Ruler after a long pause. "You may return into Hanzhong and await the next favorable opportunity."

13 Jiang Wei left the court and betook himself into Hanzhong to the army.

14 Dang Jun went back to the Qishan camp and reported his success.

15 Deng Ai and Sima Wang rejoiced, saying, "In the River Lands, trouble is not far off when the ruler and his servants do not live in harmony."

16 They sent Dang Jun to Luoyang to tell his own story to Sima Zhao, who also rejoiced, for he ardently desired to subdue Shu.

17 On this matter Sima Zhao consulted Jia Chong, Commander of the Center Guard.

18 "What do you think of an attack upon Shu?"

19 "Not to be considered," said Jia Chong. "The Emperor does not trust you, and your departure would be the beginning of trouble for you. Last year, when a yellow dragon was seen in the Ningling well and all the officers were felicitating the Emperor upon such a very auspicious occurrence, the Emperor said, 'It is not auspicious; just the reverse. The dragon symbolizes the ruler. To be neither in heaven, nor on earth among the people, but to be in a well, is a dark portent and bodes evil.' He wrote some verses, and one stanza undoubtedly points to you, my lord. It reads:

20 "The dragon like a prisoner is, 
No longer leaps he in the abyss. 
He soars not to the Milky Way 
Nor can he in the meadows play; 
But coiled within a dismal well, 
With slimy creatures he must dwell, 
Must close his jaws, his claws retract, 
Alas! Quite like myself in fact."

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