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Chapter 118-01 촉한의 멸망

    第百十八回 哭祖廟一王死孝  入西川二士爭功

Weeping At The Ancestral Temple, A Filial Prince Dies;
Marching To The West River Land, Two Leaders Competes.




1 The news of the fall of Mianzhu and the deaths in battle of Zhuge Zhan and Zhuge Shang, father and son, brought home to the Latter Ruler that danger was very near, and he summoned a council.

2 Then the officials said, "Panic has seized upon the people, and they are leaving the city in crowds. Their cries shake the very sky!"

3 Sorely he felt his helplessness. Soon they reported the enemy were actually near the city, and many courtiers advised flight.

4 "We do not have enough troops to protect the capital. Leave the city and flee south to the seven counties of Nanzhong," said they. "The country is difficult and easily defended. We can get the Mangs to come and help us."

5 But Minister Qiao Zhou opposed, saying, "No, no, that will not do. The Mangs are old rebels. To go to them would be a calamity."

6 Then some proposed seeking refuge in Wu: "The people of Wu are our sworn allies, and this is a moment of extreme danger. Let us go thither."

7 But Qiao Zhou also opposed this, saying, "In the whole course of past ages no emperor has ever gone to another state. So far as I can see, Wei will presently absorb Wu, and certainly Wu will never overcome Wei. Imagine the disgrace of becoming a minister of Wu and then having to style yourself minister of Wei. It would double the mortification. Do neither. Surrender to Wei, and Wei will give Your Majesty a strip of land where the ancestral temple can be preserved, and the people will be saved from suffering. I desire Your Majesty to reflect well upon this."

8 The distracted Latter Ruler retired from the council without having come to any decision. Next day confusion had become still worse. Qiao Zhou saw that matters were very urgent and presented a written memorial. The Latter Ruler accepted it and decided to yield.

9 But from behind a screen stepped out the fifth of the Emperor's sons, Liu Chan, Prince of Beidi.

10 Liu Chan shouted at Qiao Zhou, "You corrupt pedant, unfit to live among people! How dare you offer such mad advice in a matter concerning the existence of a dynasty? Has any emperor ever yielded to the enemy?"

11 The Latter Ruler had seven sons in all---Liu Rui, Liu Dao, Liu Zhong, Liu Zan, Liu Chan, Liu Xue, and Liu Ju. But the ablest, and the only one above the common level of people, was this Liu Chan.

12 The Latter Ruler turned feebly to his son and said, "The ministers have decided otherwise: They advise surrender. You are the only one who thinks that boldness may avail, and would you drench the city in blood?"

13 The Prince said, "While the First Ruler lived, this Qiao Zhou had no voice in state affairs. Now he gives this wild advice and talks the most subversive language. There is no reason at all in what he says, for we have in the city many legions of soldiers, and Jiang Wei is undefeated in Saber Pass. He will come to our rescue as soon as he knows our straits, and we can help him to fight. We shall surely succeed. Why listen to the words of this dryasdust? Why abandon thus lightly the work of our great forerunner?"

14 The Latter Ruler became angry at this harangue and turned to his son, saying, "Be silent! You are too young to understand Heaven's will!"
15 Liu Chan beat his head upon the ground and implored his father to make an effort.

16 "If we have done our best and defeat yet comes, if parents and children, lords and ministers have set their backs to the wall and died in one final effort to preserve the dynasty, then in the shades of the Nine Golden Springs we shall be able to look the First Ruler in the face, unashamed. But what if we surrender?"

17 The appeal left the Latter Ruler unmoved.

18 The Prince cried, "Is it not shameful in one day to throw down all that our ancestors built up with so great labor? I would rather die."

19 The Latter Ruler, now very angry, bade the courtiers thrust the young man out of the Palace. Then he ordered Qiao Zhou to prepare the formal Act of Surrender. After it had been written, three officers---Adviser Zhang Shao, Imperial Son-in-Law and Commander Deng Liang, and Minister Qiao Zhou---were sent with it and the Hereditary Seal to the camp of Deng Ai to offer submission.

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