01She County.jpg

Xin'anjiang River in She County

중국 She County - A Birthplace of Hui State Culture  
Anhui, China  

She County (shè xiàn 歙县), located in Huangshan City (huáng shān shì 黄山市) and the south of Anhui Province (ān huī shěng 安徽省). It belonged to the six counties of Hui State (huī zhōu 徽州) and was the location of Hui State Government (huī zhōu zhì fǔ 徽州治府) in ancient times. As a birthplace of Hui State Culture, it is the origin of Peking Opera (jīng jù 京剧) and a leading producer of Hui China Ink (huī mò 徽墨) and She Inkstone (shè yàn 歙砚) which belong to the four stationery treasures of the Chinese study. Anyway, it is an important county for Chinese history and culture. 


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