01Songyuan City.jpg
중국 Songyuan City
Jilin, China
The city of Songyuan (sōng yuán 松原) lies in the south of Songnen (sōng nèn 松嫩) Plain, in which the quality of the soil is fertile and the typography plain. The forest on the plain is prosperous. The grassland there is broad. The agricultural resources there are very rich. It is well-known in and abroad for its high yield of crops, such as high-quality corn broomcorn, soybean, rice, sunflower, sugar beet, etc. The one district and four counties administrated by the city of Songyuan are all the national and provincial basis of foodstuff. There are rich varieties of minerals in the City of Songyuan, where large amount of minerals are yield. The main minerals which have been discovered now are petroleum, natural oil, oil shale, etc. Rivers run across all over Songyuan City and lakes distribute here and there in the city. Therefore hydraulic water resource of the city is extremely affluent.


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