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중국 The Temple of Successive Emperors  
Beijing, China  
The Temple of Successive Emperors (lì dài dì wáng miào 历代帝王庙) is a national AA tourist attraction, the only imperial temple in the Ming and Qing dynasties (míng qīng liǎng dài 明清两代) for worshiping the Three Sovereigns and the Five Emperors (sān huáng wǔ dì 三皇五帝), distinguished emperors, ministers, and generals of Chinese in successive dynasties and a key historic site under national protection. It lies at No. 131 Fuchengmen Inner Street (fù chéng mén nèi dà jiē 阜成门内大街), Xicheng District (xī chéng qū 西城区). With grand and well-preserved buildings, it is a well-known place of historical and cultural tourism. 


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