중국 Magic Tibet Ⅻ -- Yangzhuoyongcuo
Tibet (Xizang,) China
Yangzhuoyongcuo (yáng zhuó yōng cuò 羊卓雍错), the Tibetan word for "swan pond", is one of the three Holy lakes in Tibet. It’s 4441m height above sea level, 130 km length from east to west, 70 meters wide north-south, the total length Lakeshore line is 250 km, with a total area of 638 square km, and a depth of 20-40m. Yangzhuoyongcuo is the biggest island lake on the northern foot of the Himalayas. The lake has many forks looks like the branches of coral so it is called ‘the lake of coral above’. There are more than 10 islands located in the lake, the biggest island can live five or six families and the smallest ones are just over hundreds square meters.


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