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중국 Kongtong Mountain--The Earliest Famous Mountain of Taoist 崆峒山
Gansu, China  
Kongtong Mountains (Kōngtóng Shān 崆峒山) is one of the sacred mountains of Taoism. It is located in Pingliang City (píng liáng shì 平凉市), Gansu Province (gān sù shěng 甘肃省), People's Republic of China. To the east of Kongtong Mountains there is famous ancient city Xi'an (xī ān 西安), to the west it is Lanzhou (lán zhōu 兰州), this mountain is the west exit fortress of GuanZhong flatland (guān zhōng píng yuán 关中平原) along the ancient Silk Road.  It is the mythical meeting site between the Huangdi (huáng dì 皇帝) (also known as Yellow Emperor) and Guangchengzi (guǎng chéng zǐ 广成子).


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