중국 03 Sanpanmuyu
Tianjin, China
Panshan Mountain Located 12 kilometers northwest of Jixian, which is about 100 kilometers north of Tianjin, Panshan Mountain (pán shān 盘山) is covered with lavish plantations and has a rich historical heritage. More than 320 kinds of trees and shrubs have been found in the vicinity. Its main peak, Moon hanging Peak (guà yuè fēng 挂月峰), although only 864-meters above sea level, rises sharply. Just like other famous mountains in China, the quiet Panshan Mountain is also inhabited by monks. They have been through their fair share of historical troubles and strife: in World War II the Japanese came through this area successfully burning its 70 temples. Today 72 temples of all sizes and Buddhism schools can be found here, both restored and new.

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