005_Ming City Walls Ruins Park.jpg
중국 Ming City Walls Ruins Park 明城墙遗址公园
Beijing, China  
Ming City Walls Ruins Park (míng chéng qíang yí zhǐ gōng yuán 明城墙遗址公园) is one of the top-quality parks in Beijing. It is located 3 kilometers from the center of the city, between the southeast turret and Chongwen Gate (chóng wén mén 崇文门) in the west. It is a scenic spot of ancient architectural relic. It was open to the public in 2002. The Ming City Wall, first built over 580 years ago, in 1419, or the 17th year of Emperor Yongle (yǒng lè 永乐)'s reign in the Ming Dynasty, used to run about 40 kilometers. The remaining relic, which is about 1.5 kilometers long, used to be part of the inner city wall of Beijing. It is the longest section of the city wall remains in the city, and an important symbol of Beijing.


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