02Furong Cave.jpg
중국 Furong Cave 芙蓉洞
Chongqing, China  
Furong Cave (fú róng dòng 芙蓉洞), located in the east of Jiangkou town (jiāng kǒu zhèn 江口镇), Wulong county (wǔ lóng xiàn 武隆县), less than 3 kilometres from the town, where Wujiang River (wū jiāng 乌江) meets its tributary, Furong River (fú róng jiāng 芙蓉江), is the only cave in China that was listed in "World Natural Heritage List". Furong Cave, together with Mammoth Cave in the US, and Graemes Cave in France, was named one of "The Three Greatest Caves in the World". 


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