02Dragon Bay National Forest Park.jpg
중국 Dragon Bay National Forest Park 龙湾群国家森林公园
Jilin, China
Dragon (Chinese Dragon) Bay National Forest Park (lóng wān qún guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuá 龙湾群国家森林公园) occupies an area of 6780 hectares, among which 227 hectares are covered by water, and the rest are of 1095 hectares. Locating in Longgang (lóng gǎng 龙岗) range in the western part of Changbai (cháng bái 长白) Mountain, Longwan (lóng wān 龙湾) Crater Lake group is China's biggest Crater Lake group. These alpine lakes are formed in volcanic eruption in ancient geological age. The average water depth is around 50 meters and the deepest point can reach 100 meters. The 164 crater lakes and crater in Huinan (huī nán 辉南) Longgang range are well preserved and have their unique geological features and spectacular scenery which make the lakes unparallel in China. Volcanic landforms bestow unique charming to Longwanqun National Forest Park.


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