중국 05 Water Park 水上公园 Longtanfucui 
Tianjin, China
Water ParkBuilt in 1950, Water Park (shuǐ shàng gōng yuán 水上公园) is located in the southwest of Tianjin. It is the largest scenic park in the city. Surrounded by water are 12 isles, which are also connected by elegantly designed arch bridges and artificial dykes. These bridges and dykes divide the water surface into East Lake, West Lake and South Lake. The central point of the park is Yuantiao Pavilion (tiào yuǎn tíng 眺远亭). Twenty-six meters high, the pavilion is the highest point within the park. Around it is a three-layer sloping terrace, which offers a spectacular view of the park at different heights. Within the park are also built Shenhu Garden (shén hù yuán 神户园), Penjing Garden (pén jǐng yuán 盆景园), Bibo Village (bì bō zhuāng 碧波庄) and Children's Paradise, all of which are imitations of antiques. A zoo is home to nearly 200 species of animals, including pandas and golden monkeys.

- Top Ten Scenic Spots in Tianjin


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