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중국 Yanbian 延边 Korean Autonomous Prefecture
Jilin, China
Yanbian (yán biān 延边) is an autonomous prefecture with a population of 2.2 million and covers a total area of about 43,000 square kilometers which is located in the Changbai Mountains (cháng bái shān 长白山) in southwestern Jilin Province, the prefecture borders Russia in the east and is separated from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea by the Tumen River (tú men jiāng 图们江) in the south. Yanbian is a renowned tourist zone. Changbai Mountain Natural Reserved Area, which was authored by UN as "Human and Ecosphere" ; the unique scenery of Tumen River Area, which extends as long as one thousand mileages, the scenery of border, the precious site of ancient Bohai Kingdom (gǔ bó hǎi wáng cháo yí zhǐ 古渤海王朝遗址), and the social customs of Korea nationality attract and enchant a great number of tourists form all over the world.


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