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중국 The Zhihua Temple 智化寺
Beijing, China
The Zhihua TempleThe Zhihua Temple (Zhì huà Sì 智化寺 Temple of Wisdom Attained) is a Buddhist temple in Beijing. It is located in the Lumicang (lù mǐ cāng 禄米仓) hutong, in the Chaoyangmen (cháo yáng mén 朝阳门) area of the Dongcheng District (dōng chéng chéng 东城区), within the Second Ring Road to the north of Jinbaojie Street (jīn bǎo jiē 金宝街). It was formerly the ancestral temple of Wang Zhen, a eunuch of the Rites Supervising Office in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It was first built in the 8th year (1443) of the Zhengtong reign, and Emperor Yingzong gave an imperial name Baoen Zhihua Temple. 


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