중국 Wuwei 武威 — the Place of Silver  
Gansu, China  
Wuwei (wǔ wēi  武威) is located in northwest central of Gansu province (gān sù shěng 甘肃省). In the north it borders Inner Mongolia (nèi méng gǔ 内蒙古), in the southwest, Qinghai (nèi méng gǔ 青海). Its central location between three western capitals, Lanzhou (lán zhōu 兰州), Xining (xī níng 西宁), and Yinchuan (yín chuān 银川) makes it an important business and transportation hub for the area. Because of its position along the Hexi Corridor, historically the only route from central China to western China and the rest of Central Asia, many major railroads and national highways pass through Wuwei. Wuwei, called Liangzhou in ancient times, was an important post on the ancient Silk Road. The prosperity of the Silk Road eventually brought Wuwei great business and wealth, so Weiwu was renamed "Place of Silver".


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