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중국 Baishan City 白山市
Jilin, China
Baishan City (bái shān shì 白山市) is located in the west of Mount Changbai (cháng bái shān 长白山) where the natural scene is extremely beautiful, southeast of Jilin province, adjacent to Korean Nationality Autonomous State on the east border, next to Jilin City in the north and lying on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and having Yalu River (yā lǜ jiāng 鸭绿江) between them. The total area of the city is 1388 square kilometers and the total population over 1.3 million. Baishan city takes the natural sceneries of Mount Changbai, the sights of the upper and middle reaches of Yalu River, numerous historical sites and the cross-national tourism on the border of China and Korea as its main contents. Meanwhile, it explores five scenic spots for travelling: Fusong (fǔ sōng 抚松) Scenic Spot, the Badaojiang (bā dào jiāng 八道江) district scenic spot, Linjiang (lín jiāng 临江) scenic spot, Mount Changbai scenic spot and Jingyu (jìng yǔ 靖宇) scenic spot.


역사년표Map BC -AD 1 -600 -1000 -1500 -1800 -1900 -1950 -1980-현재 (1945년이후 10대뉴스)

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