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중국 Qiao Jia Dayuan (Qiao's Family Compound) 乔家堡村
Shanxi, China
Located in the middle of Qiaojiabao village (qiáo jiā bǎo cūn 乔家堡村) in Shanxi province (shān xīshěng 山西省), Qiao Jia Dayuan (qiáo jiā dà yuàn 乔家大院), also known as Zaizhongtang (zài zhōng táng 在中堂), was the mansion of the famous merchant family Qiao in the late Qing dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝). The compound was constructed in 1755 by Qiao guifa (qiáo guì fā 乔贵发), the first member of the family to strike it rich selling tea and bean curd beyond the Great Walll. Returning to his hometown, he built his dream home, to which successive gernrations added until it reached its present size. It covers 8724 square meters with 313 rooms. Qiao Jia Dayuan represents the typical style of northen folk houses with great historical value.


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