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중국 Mount Hengshan 恒山 : One of the Five Sacred Mountains
Shanxi, China
Mt. Hengshan (héng shān 恒山), known as the northernmost of the "Five sacred Mountains" (wǔ yuè 五岳), is located about 60 kilometres south of Datong (dà tóng 大同), Shanxi Province (shān xī shěng 山西省). In the east, it links with the Mt. Taihang (tài háng shān 太行山), and to the north, it faces the vast plateau. In the past, people called Mt. Hengshan "A Fort Guarding the North Borders" (rén tiān běi zhù 人天北柱), because of its magnificence and wonder. Mt. Hengshan attracts visitors by its natural sceneries and man-made landscaping.


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