03The Gurbantunggut Desert.jpg
중국 The Gurbantunggut Desert
Xinjiang, China
The Gurbantunggut Desert (gǔ ěr bān tōng gǔ tè shā mò 古尔班通古特沙漠), located in the center of Junggar Basin (zhǔn gé ěr pén dì 准格尔盆地), to the east of the Manas River (mǎ nà sī hé 玛纳斯河) and south of the Ulungur River (wū lún gǔ hé 乌伦古河). With an area of 48,800 square meters, the desert is the second largest desert in China. Its climate is temperate. Its eco-environment is very fragile, and the impact of human activities on the eco-environment, including the building of a trans-desert highway, has been increasingly significant.


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