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중국 Ancient Town of Xitang 西塘
Zhejiang, China
Xitang (xī táng 西塘) is located in Jianshan County (jiā shàn xiàn 嘉善县), Jiaxing City (jiā xīng shì 嘉兴市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省). It is an ancient town with thousand years’ history. Early in the Spring and Autumn Period (chūn qiū shí qī), in order to infensify water-contral project, Wu Zixu (wǔ zǐ xù 伍子胥) diverted the water north of Mountain Xu (xù shān 胥山) to Xitang, which is called Xutang (xù táng 胥塘) at that time. During Tang Dynasty (tang cháo 唐朝), there are a large amount of villages in Xitang. And during Yuan Dynasty (yuán cháo元朝), Xitang became prosperous, and was an important commercial center till Ming (míng 明) and Qing (qīng 清) dynasties. Nowadays, because of its tranquility and unique scenery, Xitang has become a famous scenic spot, attracting many people from home and abroad.


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