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중국 The Fahai Temple 法海寺
Beijing, China
The Fahai TempleThe Fahai Temple (fǎhǎi sì 法海寺) is Ming-Dynasty Buddhist temple located at the foot of Cuiwei Mountain (cuìweī 翠微), about two kilometers to the north-east of Moshikou (mó shìkǒu 模式口), Shijingshan District, Beijing City, China.

Fahai Temple is well known in the world for its ten large well-preserved murals in the Mahavira Hall. It was built according to the geological situation and scaled upward along the mountain. The Hall of Doctrine Guarding Buddha's Warrior Attendants houses the towers of bell and drum on the left and right sides. On the high platform there are the former sites of the Heavenly King Hall, Jialan Hall and Master Hall and two corridors. The Main Hall sits in the middle.


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