03Beidahu Ski Resort.jpg
중국 Beidahu Ski Resort 北大湖
Jilin, China
Jilin Beidahu (běi dà hú 北大湖) Ski Resort is an important ski sport base and tourist resort in China. Beidahu's advantageous location surrounded by mountains on three sides guarantee a comfortable weather conditions with very little to no wind in winter. Skiers and snow boarders love Beidahu's varied terrain and enjoy its unpretentious alpine trails amidst peaks in the primitive forest. And Beidahu is the picturesque Rime Scenery which is considered to rival the landscape in Guilin (guì lín 桂林), the Stone Forest (shí lín 石林) in Kunming (kūn míng 昆明) and the Three Gorges (sān xiá 三峡) in uniqueness and it is renowned as one of China's four natural wonders. The Rime scenery occurs 60-70 times a year from October to next March or April.   


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