009_Jie Tai Temple.jpg
중국 Jie Tai Temple 戒台寺
Beijing, China  
Jie Tai Temple (Jiè tái sì 戒台寺) is one of the famous tourist attractions in Beijing. Jie Tai Temple takes pride as the largest Buddhist altar in all of China. It has long been a reason of the huge crowd of people that flocks in Beijing as tourists from all over China and other countries. JieTai Temple is located 35km west of Beijing and is only 10km from Tanzhe Temple (tán zhè sì 潭柘寺). JieTaiSi, takes its name from its famous Ming marble ordination altar, built some 1,300 years ago. This altar is nearly 5 meters high and is decorated with exquisite carvings. The temple was first built in the year 622 during the Tang dynasty (táng cháo 唐朝) but most of the buildings here now date from the Qing dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝) (1644 - 1911). The temple sits on a hillside looking more like a fortress than a temple, surrounded by forbiddingly tall red walls. On a clear day, this temple offers an unhindered view of Beijing.


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