010_Niujie Mosque.jpg
중국 Niujie Mosque 牛街清真寺
Beijing, China
The Niujie Mosque (niú jiē qīng zhēn sì 牛街清真寺), the largest of all the mosques in Beijing, was first built in 996 by two Arabs during the Liao Dynasty (liáo guó 辽国). The local Muslim community was forbidden from constructing the mosque in a style other than traditional Chinese architecture, with the exception that the use of Arabic calligraphy was allowed. It was rebuilt in 1442 in the Ming Dynasty and expanded in 1696 under the Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝). It is now one of the major mosques in north China. It underwent several alterations and since 1949 it has been repeatedly restored.


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