04Longmen Caves.jpg
중국 Longmen Caves 龙门石窟 (Dragon Gate Grottoes)  
Henan, China  
Located 13km (8 miles) south of the city center, along the banks of the Yi River (yī hé 伊河) which divides Mount Xiang (xiāng shān 香山) to the east from Mount Longmen (lóng mén shān 龙门山) to the west, Longmen Caves (lóng mén shí kū 龙门石窟) are considered one of the three great sculptural treasure-troves in China. In general, the limestone is harder at Longmen than at Yungang (yún gāng 云冈), and the caves closer to the river, making it easier to discern the details but more difficult to see the caves as a whole.


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