중국 08 Haimengusai
Tianjin, China
Dagu FortDagu Fort (dà gū pào tái 大沽炮台) standing on the southern bank of the Haihe River (hǎi hé 海河). It is about 60 kilometers away southeast of the Tianjin proper. Formerly there were forts on both sides of the river constructed in the sixteenth century, but in 1901, the one on the northern bank was dismantled. The present one was first constructed in the Ming Dynasty (míng dài 明代) and had a number of renovations in the Qing Period (qīng dài 清代). Today the fort is an attractive site for a day trip to Tianjin, about 60km away from the city proper in a town named Tanggu (táng gū 塘沽).

- Top Ten Scenic Spots in Tianjin


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