05Bird Island of Qinghai Lake.jpg
중국 Bird Island 鸟岛 of Qinghai Lake
Qinghai, China
Bird Island (Niǎo Dǎo 鸟岛) encompasses two islands, one is Haixi Pi  (Hǎixī Pí 海西皮)in the east, and in the west is the Haixi Shan (Haǐxī Shān 海西山) which is four times smaller than the former island but is where most of the birds of the lake congregate. When the spring and summer come, many birds fly from faraway mountains and deserts to breed here. In the noisiest months of April and May, their numbers can amount to ten thousand, 80% to 90% of which stop on the Haixi Shan (Haǐxī Shān 海西山).


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