004Gaoligong Mountain.jpg
중국 Gaoligong Mountain 高黎贡山
Yunnan, China
The Gaoligong Mountains, (gāo lí gòng shān 高黎贡山), are a mountainous sub-range of the southern Hengduan Mountain (héng duàn shān mài 横断山脉) Range. It is characterized by its natural landscape of biological and climate vertical belts, various types of vegetation, and a great variety of plants and animals. In 1983, the Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve was established, and in 1992, the World Wildlife Fund, designated it a level A grade protected area. In 2000, UNESCO accepted it as a Biosphere Reserve member. The reserve is part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas (yún nán sān jiāng bìng liú bǎo hù qū 云南三江并流保护区), established in 2003, and as such a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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