05Dayu Mausoleum.jpg
중국 Dayu Mausoleum 大禹陵
Zhejiang, China
Dayu Mausoleum (dà yǔ líng 大禹陵) is located at the foot of Kuaiji Mountain (kuài jī shān 会稽山) southeast of Shaoxing City (shào xìng shì 绍兴市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省). It is the place where Da Yu was buried. Yu was the famous water-control hero and the first ruler and founder of the Xia Dynasty (xià cháo 夏朝). The whole mausoleum area consists of three parts, the Yu Mausoleum (yǔ líng 禹陵), Yu Temple (yǔ miào 禹庙) and Yu Shrine (yǔ cí 禹祠). It covers a total area of more than 40 mu (mǔ 亩), and is listed as the national historic reservation unit with a construction area of 2700 square meters. 


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