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중국 Beijing Museum of Natural History 北京自然博物馆
Beijing, China  
Beijing Museum of Natural History (běi jīng zì rán bó wù guǎn 北京自然博物馆) grew out of the preparation department of National Central Museum of Natural History founded in 1951. Beijing Museum of Natural History was formally named in 1962. Being the first large-scale museum of natural history founded on our own strength after new China was established, the museum bears three main functions: the specimen collection, the academic research and the science popularization of paleontology (gǔ shēng wù xué 古生物学), zoology (dòng wù xué 动物学), botany (zhí wù xué 植物学) and anthropology (rén lèi xué 人类学). The museum today boasts its rich collections, high-level research and ever-enlarging exhibitions. It has been one of a few museums of natural history in China and named as National Youth Science and Technology Education Base .


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