016_Beijing Luxun Museum.jpg
중국 Beijing Luxun Museum 鲁迅故居
Beijing, China  
Lu Xun Museum (lǔ xùn gù jū 鲁迅故居) is located in Xiertiao, Fuchengmennei Street (fǔ chéng mén nèi dà jiē 阜成门内大街), Beijing. It is the earliest "Autobiographic Literature Museum" being built after the founding of the PRC. Its former name is Beijing Lu Xun Former Residence at Xishantiao. The museum was built just near the former residence in 1954. It was opened to the out world on October 19, 1956, that is the 20th anniversary of Lu Xun's pass away. The new exhibition hall in ancient quad style is the continuation that was built in 1994 and adjacent to the former residence.


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