06Jiangnan drama stage.jpg
중국 Jiangnan drama stage
Guizhou, China
The remains of the Jiangnan drama stage lie alongside Donghua Street (dōng huá jiē 东华街) in Yunshantun Tunpu (yún shān tún tún pǔ 云山屯屯堡). It is the widest point along the street. There used to be a couplet hanging on both sides of the stage which said, "People's lives are changeable, and everyone's life, no matter who you are, is like a drama."The stage is mainly for festive lantern operas, as well as for chuanju, or Chuan Opera (chuān jù 川剧). Locals often invite Chuan opera troupes to perform for a month or two in the village.


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