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중국 Jiuxiang Scenic Region 九乡风景区
Yunnan, China
Jiuxiang Scenic Region (jiǔ xiāng fēng jǐng qū 九乡风景区) is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yiliang County (yí liáng xiàn jiǔ xiāng yí zú huí zú xiāng 宜良县九乡彝族回族乡) 90 km away from Kunming (kūn míng 昆明) and 22 kilometers north of the Stone Forest (shí lín 石林). In Yunnan Province it is a well-equipped comprehensive scenic region which is famous for its caves, mountains, rivers, deep valleys, minority customs and cultures. It has a mild climate all the year round. Its temperature is similar to Kunming's and the average temperature throughout the year is 14.6°C.


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