06Xixi National Wetland Park.jpg
중국 Xixi National Wetland Park 西溪湿地国家公园
Zhejiang, China
Xixi National Wetland Park (xī xī shī dì guó jiā gōng yuán 西溪湿地国家公园) is located in the west of Hang Zhou City (háng zhōu shì 杭州市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省), less than five kilometers away from West Lake (xī hú 西湖). It covers an area of 10.08 square kilometers, among which 3.46 kilometers areas are open to public. The park is the first and the only national wetland park in China which combines urban wetland, farming wetland and cultural wetland. Xixi National Wetland Park features abundant ecological resources, beautiful natural scenes and rich cultural heritages. It was regarded as one of the "Three Xi" in Hangzhou along with West Lake and Xiling Seal Society (xī líng yìn shè 西泠印社).


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