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중국 The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River
Sichuan, China
The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River(长江三峡), a world-renowned tourist attraction, start at Baidicheng(白帝城) in Fengjie (奉节) in the west and end at Nanjinguan(南津关) pass in Yichang(宜昌) to the east, passing through Badong(巴东), Zigui(秭归) and Yichang in Hubei. The total length of the forges extends 193 kilometers. Except Daning River(大宁河) and the Xiangxi(香溪), the gorges themselves are 93 kilometers long. The first gorge of the three from west to east, known as Qutang Gorge(瞿塘峡), is 7 kilometers, Wu Gorge(巫峡), the second one, runs west to east for 44 kilometers; Xiling Gorge(西陵峡), the last of the three, covers a distance of 42 kilometers.


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