007Fuxian Lake.jpg
중국 Fuxian Lake 抚仙湖
Yunnan, China
Fuxian Lake (fǔ xiān hú 抚仙湖) is located in the area connecting Chenjiang (chéng jiāng 澄江), Jiangchuan (jiāng chuān 江川) and Huaning (huá níng 华宁) counties. It is about 60 kilometers from Kunming (kūn míng 昆明). The total area of Fuxian Lake valley is 1,084 square kilometers. Here, the land is fertile and abounds with various local products: rice, wheat, broad beans, tobacco and rape-seed. It is the well-known center of Yunnan tobacco in China. It is a glittering pearl in the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau.


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