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52. 인도의 Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort
Kerala, India
If you thought Kerala is only about natural beauty, the Bekal Fort will make you change your opinion. Spread across a sprawling 40 acres of land, the fort is the largest in the region. A large part of the fort is in dilapidated condition since the waves from the sea continually hit against the walls of the fort. However, despite that, it is a beautiful fort which tells you a lot about the old times. Unlike other forts in several parts of the country, the Bekal Fort was not an administrative centre. There are no palaces or halls within the fort. Instead, it was exclusively used to store ammunition and for defense purposes. A visit to the fort is somewhat a mystical experience, as you explore the abandoned passages of it. Do not miss the views of the town you get from the fort. They are mesmerizing, especially on an overcast day.


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