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중국 Jiugong Mountain 九宫山
Hubei, China
Jiugong Mountain (jiǔ gōng shān 九宫山) is located in Tongshan (tōng shān 通山), which is a county within a Municipality of Xianning (xián níng 咸宁), along Hubei’s mountainous south-eastern border with Jiangxi (jiāng xī 江西). It extends for hundreds of miles and covers 210 square kilometers. It is named after the nine sons of the Wang’s in Jin’an (jìn'ān 晋安) built nine palaces in the mountain and became one of the five Bodhimandalas (dào chǎng 道场) when the famous Taoist Zhang Daoqing (zhāng dào qìng 张道庆) in Southern Song Dynasty (nán sòng 南宋) opened up a Bodhimandala there. Its nuclear scenery is made up of three parts, Jiugong Mountain Town, forest park (nature reserve) and King Chuang’s Tomb (chuǎng wáng líng 闯王陵). Jiugong Mountain is one of the six national scenic area in Hubei province. It is of the delicate side as southern mountains, but also has the features of northern ridge mountains, such as grand, dangerous, extraordinary, quiet and elegant. 


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