03Hukou Waterfall.jpg
중국 Hukou Waterfall (壶口瀑布)
Shaanxi, China
The Yellow River (huáng hé 黄河) is the mother river of the Chinese nation. In its basin, there is a tourist attraction that visitors should not miss. That is Hukou Waterfall  (hǔ kǒu pù bù 壶口瀑布), a glistening pearl in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. It is located in Yichuan ( yí chuān 宜川) County in Yan'an (yán ān 延安) City, Shaanxi  (shǎn xī 陕西) Province. It is the only magnificent yellow waterfall in the world and the second biggest waterfall in China after Huangguoshu (huáng guǒ shù 黄果树) Waterfall.


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