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중국 Black Dragon Pool  
Beijing, China  
Imagine a cool valley with a cluster of blue pools strung together like a necklace of diamonds. At the end of the valley, a spring behind the highest pool bubbles continuously to create a resonance that is refreshing and relaxing. This peaceful place is Black Dragon Pool (hēi lóng tán 黑龙潭), located in a 220-meter high, 4-kilometer long valley, which is in the northwestern Lupiguan (lù pí guān 鹿皮关) of the Shicheng Town (shí chéng xiāng 石城乡) in Miyun (mì yún 密云), 100 kilometers away from Beijing. The valley is commonly called Gulu Valley (gū lù yù
轱辘峪), because of its steepness. There are three waterfalls and eighteen pools in the valley. It is always appraised as being fresh, astonishing and steep.


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