Yellow Mountains in China (Anhui)


중국 Huangshan Mountain - King of All Mountains  

Anhui, China  


Huangshan Mountain Scenic Zone  (huáng shān fēng jǐng qū 黄山风景区) is located in Huangshan City  (huáng shān shì 黄山市), Anhui Province  (ān huī shěng 安徽省), 69 miles from Tunxi District (tún xī 屯溪), covering She County  (shè xiàn 歙县), Xiuning County  (xiū níng 休宁), Yi County  (yī xiàn 黟县), Huangshan District  (huáng shān qū 黄山区) and Huizhou District  (huī zhōu qū 徽州区). In 1985, it was classified as one of the 10 popularest scenic attractions in China and in 1990, it was officially placed in the "World Cultural and Natural Heritage".


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