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중국 Guo Moruo 郭沫若 Former Residence Memorial Hall  
Beijing, China
Guo Moruo Former Residence Memorial HallGuo Moruo (guō mò ruò 郭沫若) (1892-1978) was an outstanding Chinese writer, poet, dramatist, historian, archaeologist and paleographer. He wrote several historical plays and one of them is "Qu Yuan"(qǖ yuán 屈原) (1942), telling the story of a dissident poet of the 4th-century BC. He also wrote lots of studies on Chinese archaeology, history, and literature. He worked as a government official from 1949 until his death. The courtyard where Guo had lived for 15 years, from November 1963 until his death, was formerly a prince's garden during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It was listed as an important cultural relic under state protection in 1982, on Guo's 90th birthday, and officially opened to tourists in 1988.


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